Immigration issues can be serious. If you need to talk to a specialist adviser as soon as possible, we can recommend a professional immigration advisor or solicitor to help you, or you can speak to our specialist immigration adviser. You might have to pay for this, but you could be eligible for legal aid (free legal help) - we can advise on this too.

Get in touch with Easterhouse Citizens Advice Bureau now for help and support.

Talk to an immigration specialist

Get advice on a range of important immigration issues from Easterhouse Citizens Advice Bureau. We’re here to offer free, impartial and confident advice when you need it most.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Visas - getting a visa for a family member, or what to do when your visa runs out
  • Asylum and refugees - preparing for an asylum interview and information about refugee status
  • Trafficking - how to report human trafficking, or what to do if you’ve been trafficked
  • Deportation - what to do if you’re living illegally in the UK
  • Legal aid - how to check if you’re eligible, and how to claim
  • Divorce - if you’re separating from your partner
  • Discrimination - what to do if you feel you’re being discriminated against
  • Access to health services

Whether you’re having problems with applications and documents like your visa, or want to know what will happen once you’re granted refugee status, we can offer support and guidance.